The Ghana Feel Choir

This month we have a wonderful opportunity to take part in a special workshop where participants can be part of
‘The Ghana Feel Choir’.
This is a new and exciting experience led by Odai Nmai and supported by local musician, Maganui Stewart.
Odai Nmai has 40 years of experience leading musicians in Africa and around the world. Let Odai lead you into an experience of Africa in rhythm, song and movement. When your teacher’s greatest joy is to share the music he loves from the place he loves, you know participation will be profoundly moving, and that you will be uplifted. It won’t matter what you can or can’t do when you begin, what you experience will be beyond words. This is an opportunity to attend an authentic, inclusive African musical workshop. Open to all, there at two separate workshops in Christchurch one on Tuesday 25th June and one on Thursday 27th June depending on what day suits.

You can attend both if you like!
Get in touch with Maganui to book your place today- details on poster.